Monhorus International | Workshop in Erdenet and Darkhan city
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Workshop in Erdenet and Darkhan city

Зорилго, Алсын хараа & Бидний үнэт зүйлс

The ABB brand’s motor and drive with advanced electric technology and automation training and seminars has been successfully organized in Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet and Darkhan city from July 7-9, 2016. This workshop was organized by official representative of ABB and Geology and Mining School of Mongolian University of Science and Technology, and were participated distributor companies Monhorus International LLC, Alliance Tech, Bodit Chadal and Prestige electric LLC as co-organizer.
Major energy users, companies and energy design companies attended this training and seminars also total of 5 engineers and experts from ABB group’s 3 companies have been introduced motor, drive, PLC, latest solution of automation products, safe, reliable, economical solutions and their technical specifications, equipment selection, advantages, technological advance, economic benefits, and things to focus for during use.