Monhorus International | Timeline
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  •  - In 2018

    - Started working “10mW solar power plant project” at Govisumber aimag,

  •  - In 2017

    - Received the official rights’ maintenance of ABB brand products.
    - 10kW Digital substation solution of Darkhan 10mW solar power plant project was awarded by most flexible and smart solution by International Relay SCADA, Automation’s “APAP 2017” international forum.
    - 20th Anniversary of company.

  •  - In 2016

    - Supply and installation of equipment of 10кW solar power station of Darkhan.
    - Sponsored “Electric Drive and Automation” laboratory with new advanced technology for Geology and Mining Engineering School of Mongolian University of Science and Technology.
    - Sponsored Testing laboratory of power plant and substation’s equipment for Power Engineering School of Mongolian University of Science and Technology.
    - Awarded as 'Best Technology Introduced Company' from Mongolian construction expo 2016.

  •  - In 2015

    - Official distributor of ABB, world’s number one leading brand.
    - Introduced REJ603 relay protection for the first time in Mongolia.
    - Introduced compact substation for the first time in Mongolia.

  •  - In 2014

    - Monhorus Trade LLC established.

  •  - In 2013

    - Oyu Tolgoi has signed a long-term contract with the service of 40mW diesel power plant.