Monhorus International | Professional consulting and training
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Professional consulting and training

Зорилго, Алсын хараа & Бидний үнэт зүйлс

We organize primary and high level equipment’s training and give professional advice for making a best solution for customers, understanding the advantages of equipment used in the solution and fully utilizing technical capabilities the purpose of bringing world’s leading, new advanced technology into Mongolia.
In order to do so, we provide engineers and technicians a professional information, involving foreign industrial internship and including in short-term advanced training. In the following ways:

  • Relay protection
  • Inverter
  • Motor
  • Diesel generator
  • Solar power station
  • I-home smart automation system
  • Electrical power panel
  • Uninterruptible power supply /UPS/
  • Substation, external and internal power supply

Professional engineers, who are experienced in each field and works at all our projects, leads training and seminars.
Our training and seminars cover almost every sector of energy. Therefore it is very important and useful for engineers who works all enterprises especially energy sector companies.
We also provide engineering solutions in these areas, and our experienced professional engineering team make a best solution for customers, because each project requires its own conditions.