Monhorus International | Installation of automatic electrical equipment
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Installation of automatic electrical equipment

Зорилго, Алсын хараа & Бидний үнэт зүйлс

Established in 2001, Monhorus Engineering LLC provides automatic and electrical equipment and installation to customers in Mongolia.
Management and engineering team consists of experienced workers who have worked at Power plant 4, 2 for 15-0 years and many of them are consulting engineers of Mongolia.
Some of the projects we have completed includes 35 pieces 10-15kV energy efficient facilities in Ongon, Erdenetsagaan, Bayan-Ulgii, Nogoon nuur and Tsagaan nuur soums of Sukhbaatar Aimag, Installation of over 20 full compact substations 6-10/0.4 kV at Ulaanbaatar department store, Bodi Tower, Skytel LLC, Crystal Town and Green Villa In Ulaanbaatar city.
We have completed more than 30 large and 50 small projects of management, design, relay protection, automation and other parts. To mention few, reforming of substation at APU, Golomt Town, Bodi Tower, Skytel, Mobicom, State House, 108kV padmount transformer at 100’000 apartments, autotransformer and 110/220kV relay protection at Dunjingarav complex, Kindergarden, and Power Plant 4.

Our projects:

  • Dunjingarav complex, Kindergarden, and Power Plant 4. 2009
  • Sukhbaatar aimag, Erdenetsagaan soum, installation, testing an relay protection of 35/10kV, 800kVA padmount transformer,2008
  • Bayan-Ulgii aimag, Nogoon nuur soum, installation, testing an relay protection of 35/10kV, 630KV padmount transformer, 2009
  • Sharga, Taishir, Darvi soums of Govi Altai aimag, Zereg and Darvi soums of Khovd aimag 35/10kV
  • 2*630kVA diesel generator extension, Vacuum Breaker and transformer of 10kV, Govi Altai aimag, Esunbulag soums, 2010
  • 2*8000kVA, 35/10kV substation, Orkhon Aimag, Erdenet city, 2012
  • 4*2500 kVA, 4*2000 kVA, 4*1600 kVA, 2*400 kVA substation, Govi Altai aimag, Tseel soum, 2012
  • 2*800 kVA substation, Han-Uul District, 1st Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, 2013
  • 10 kV substation and 2*125010 kVA compact substation, ICC Tower, UB, 2013
  • 10kV substation and 10/0,4kV compact substation, New Ulaanbaatar airport, 2013