Monhorus International | Group’s Introduction
Монхорус интернэшнл ХХК нь цахилгаан эрчим хүчний шийдэл, бүтээгдэхүүн үйлчилгээ, угсралт суурилуулалт, туршилт тохируулга болон борлуулалтын дараах үйлчилгээг цогцоор хүргэн ажиллаж байна.
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Group’s Introduction

We prefer quality
We will be the leading engineering company to deliver smart and environment friendly electric power products and solutions to customers.


Since 1997, Monhorus Erchim LLC has been supplying full service of diesel generator including sale, rent, maintenance and installation. We started our business by supplying and installing diesel generators of F.G.WILSON from England, the number one  Read more

Electricity supply

Monhorus International LLC is a joint venture by Mongolian and Polish company, that prioritize quality was established in 2000., It has been working with mission to introduce the world advanced technology into Mongolian energy, mining, infrastructure and . Read more

Supply and Installation of electrical products

“Monhorus Trade LLC” is Mongolian invested company founded in 2014. Our company provides high quality products that are based on advanced technology for customer and partners of Mongolian construction and mining market. Read more

Installation of automatic electrical equipment

stablished in 2001, Monhorus Engineering LLC provides automatic and electrical equipment and installation to customers in Mongolia. Management and engineering Read more

Building Material Department Store

Pioneer in energy sector Amper House, established in 2002, supplies all types of power equipment. Since establishment, the Company has been providing the best quality products for construction, mining sector and professional consulting services. Read more

Drawing and installation of Building electric

Operation of “Monhorus International” LLC has been expanded since January 1, 2016, establishing a subsidiary company named “Monhorus Electric LLC” to transfer its electrical installation and design to the company.  Read more