Monhorus International | Executive Director’s letter
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Executive Director’s letter

Зорилго, Алсын хараа & Бидний үнэт зүйлс

Since its establishment, Monhorus group has been contributing to the development of the country’s construction, mining, energy and infrastructure sectors, it has introduced trending and advanced technology to the Mongolian energy market.

In the early 2000s when electric power supply was cut off often and were inconsistent considerably, British brand F.G.Wilson’s diesel generator was introduced to the domestic energy market and its automation operation made it possible for customers to operate normally regardless of electrical interruption.
Since that time, Monhorus has been supplying electric equipment of the world’s leading brands and have introduced advanced energy solutions continuously.

From January 2014, Monhorus has become an official distributor of ABB brand and have been supplying high, medium and low voltage automation equipment, relay protection, SCADA and converters etc. We also have been providing installation and engineering solutions, as well as professional consulting, drawing, training, seminars and maintenance service.
I am proud of the company’ experienced workers and engineers who have contributed greatly to renewable energy projects such as Oyu Tolgoi, New Ulaanbaatar international airport and other major sun and wind power station projects. We will work harder to reach to the next power generation level.